Covid-19 Update

As a result of the Covid-19 virus pandemic, access to mental health care is suffering a major disruption. We are offering mental healthcare providers a PC / VR solution that will permit continuation of treatment via online / distance therapy. We are a company that values access to healthcare for everybody. Therefore, we want to provide support to patients and clinicians during the current crisis by offering our service at a reduced price.

In short

Effective, Innovative & Accessible therapy platform

SilVRmind is committed to support therapists in providing care for people with psychological complaints. Our mission is to reduce the barriers to access mental health care by developing digital applications. SilVRmind’s PC and Virtual Reality (VR) compatible software has been developed with clinicians and scientists, and has been validated on clinical populations.

Blended care

Integrated Audio-Video communication permits distance / online therapy. The combination of face-to-face and online sessions provides flexibility, and improved accessibility.


Evidence-based clinical tool designed to apply EMDR and Exposure, through the collaboration of patients, clinicians, scientists, and developers.

Improved effect

The improved effectiveness within a single treatment session when compared to traditional therapy provides a therapeutic benefit and thus reduces overall treatment costs.

Our platform

The digital platform for evidence-based clinical support and performing EMDR and Exposure over distance.


The therapist can live- control the app via computer, tablet, or mobile-interface over the internet. Two-way audio and video calling is integrated.

Therapist control

Visual and auditory stimuli options can be set up and controlled by the therapist and initiated on the therapist’s command to ensure safety and flexibility.


Multiple modality-specific stimulation allows for better working memory load and more effective reduction of Subjective Unit of Distress (SUD)


The patient’s live performance is analysed and adjusted to improve working memory Load. Features allow exposure therapy to be offered gradually and in (360) virtual vivo.


Several institutions have already experienced silVRmind. We are very proud of the feedback we received and of course continue to improve the platform to make the experiences even better. We would like to share some experiences of patients and therapists with you.


Curious about the SilVRmind software, or are you interested in a demonstration or a collaboration with your institution?
Please leave your details below or email directly to We will contact you as soon as possible.


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